Colombia Alheiro Roa

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The Municipality of Paez in Cauca is an area of land that sits high on a Colombian plateau called the ‘Macizo Colombiano’. This area is perfect for growing specialty coffee as altitudes reach over 2000 masl. Coffee was introduced here at the end of the 18th Century in the Indigenous Reservation of Vitonco by a Catholic Priest as a way to try to control the native inhabitants and convert them to the Church. Now it is the main source of income for these communities especially as the region has begun to open with the settling of the violence and civil war.

This region which has many indigenous inhabitants there is a program called Pazadentro (Peace within) which works within the municipalities of Inza, Paez and Totoro in this corner of Cauca. The program is there supported by the European Union to help promote sustainable production in and improve the socio-economic standards of the inhabitants of these lands. The fund is aimed to help secure peace through small holder agriculture and commerce to which coffee is one. The coffee farmers in this region have received help with training and new equipment to improve their knowledge and quality of coffee production.

This coffee from Finca Chujunvi which is a 3.5 ha farm where 3 ha of the farm is planted with coffee belonging to Salvador Yaca and his family. The coffee is planted amongst native trees as well as fruit trees to provide shade but also as a source of food for Salvador and the family during the year.

Once the coffee is picked it is fermented over night in tanks, washed and cleaned before being dried for 7-10 days in a drying tent.

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Type: Single

Taste: Bright sweet notes of pink lady apples and honeydew melon with a soft mouthfeel

Country: Colombia

Varietal: Caturra, colombia, Typica

Bag Size: 250