Solidarity Blend

By: UE Coffee Roasters
Weight: 250g

£8.80 (+pp)

A percentage of profits from the sale of this coffee goes to further support the nominated charities of the Ue Barista Foundation

Roaster notes:

Born in the first national lockdown of 2020, the original Solidarity blend brought hope and support to the people of Oxfordshire with a proportion of sales going to support the work of designated charities.

Continuing the theme of togetherness, we will be using a percentage of profits from the sale of this coffee to further support our nominated charities through our Ue Barista Foundation.

A blend of beans from South and Central America, this blend has been designed as something that everyone will enjoy; it tastes great as an espresso as well as a milky latte. The caramel sweetness is followed up by a chocolatey aftertaste with the Colombian element of the blend provide a nice juicy acidity

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Type: Blend

Taste: Chocolate, caramel & tangerine

Country: Brazil, Colombia, Honduras

Process: various

Varietal: Caturra, mundo novo, pacas

Bag Size: 250