The Captain’s Roast

By: Altitude Coffee
Weight: 250g

£10.50 (+pp)

Altitudes flagship espresso coffee blend.

The Captain’s Roast, is roasted darker to bring out deep and rich chocolatey notes. It pairs brilliantly with milk-based drinks such as Café Latté and Cappuccino.

Full bodied and low in acidity it’s a perfect traditional coffee. Awarded two stars for great taste by the Guild of Fine Food, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this fabulous coffee blend.

The Captain is synonymous with leadership. They make bold, sometimes brave decisions. We needed a brew that would keep them sharp. So, if you like a dark roast, be the Captain of your own kitchen and have a taste of this fine espresso blend.

The beans we use in the blend vary seasonally and our current crop comprises two outstanding single origins. A naturally processed Brazilian Catuai and a washed Colombian.

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Type: Blend

Taste: Chocolate, Orange & Walnut

Country: Brazil, Colombia

Process: various

Varietal: Various

Bag Size: 250