Czar St Seasonal

By: North Star Roasters
Weight: 250g

£8.50 (+pp)

Deliciously coating mouthfeel with incredible sweetness and complexity

Roaster note:

This contemporary seasonal espresso blend is all about showcasing the very best coffees from the most recent harvests taking place throughout the year. With frequently changing components, it aims to promote seasonal coffees that are chosen for their interesting and fresh flavours. Version 18 has a deliciously coating mouthfeel with incredible sweetness and complexity. As espresso, the blend displays notes of honeydew melon and nectarine with hints of marzipan, the addition of milk creates more of a fudgey character with mellow notes of ripe peach. It is a true celebration of fresh harvest coffees from very different continents working together in complete harmony, we hope you enjoy!

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Taste: Peach, nectarine and fudge

Country: Ethiopia, Nicaragua

Process: various

Varietal: Various

Bag Size: 250