Colombia Finca San Pablo

By: UE Coffee Roasters
Weight: 250g


Roaster notes:

San Pablo is a small town of only around 13,000 people. Coffee farms here are often passed from generation to generation so they have a particular interest in preserving the natural resources by farming in sustainable ways. These farms are very small in size, so farmers here generally process the coffee themselves before delivering it to the local cooperative for further quality control and export.

Colombia has long been a favourite origin amongst many coffee lovers. There is such variation of terroir between departments that each produces distinctive tastes. Grown in the north-east of Nariño, a department known for its dramatic mountains and numerous small coffee farms, this well-rounded coffee is wonderfully sweet with hints of citrus acidity.


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Type: Single Origin

Taste: Chocolate, tangerine & nut

Country: Colombia

Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Bag Size: 250