Get to the Hopper

By: Lost Sheep Coffee
Weight: 220g

£7.95 (+pp)

Get To The Hopper is truly an all day, everyday coffee, super smooth and super chocolatey, you will have a cup experience like never before.

Expertly hand roasted in small batches by us here at Sheep HQ in Whitstable, Get To The Hopper is our best seller by an absolute mile. Get To The Hoppers taste is directly Inspired by the Melbourne coffee scene, an truly amazing allrounder that brings back fond memories for Stuart & Sarah of enjoying amazing coffee on Chapel Street.
Blended to work perfectly with milk or alternative milks, making a superb delicious Flat Whites. As a Flat White or Latte, you can expect to really taste the difference from that regular cuppa coffee you have been drinking before. Smooth, Sweet always leaving you desiring that second cup of Lost Sheep. But do not panic if you’re not a Milk drinker, this blend is equally at home when crafted as a long black (Amerciano), smooth and sweet with no bitterness, with a lovey hint of acidity when drunk black.

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Type: Blend

Taste: Chocolate Caramel Sweetness

Country: Brazil, Colombia

Process: Natural, Washed

Varietal: Castillo, Casturra, colombia, red catuai

Bag Size: 220